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Acupuncture without needles for muscular-skeletal conditions

Acupuncture Plymouth Meeting PAAcupuncture is an ancient healing art of normalizing the flow of energy in meridians by stimulating specific points located on these meridians. According to Oriental medicine, when Yin and Yang are balanced the body will be in the state of homeostasis and no disease is possible. Yin and Yang represent female and male, dark and bright, night and day, Moon and Sun. Meridians are the rivers of energy flow; if this flow is for some reason disrupted or blocked it will effect organs and tissues associated with this particular meridian.  Acupuncture (inserting needles) and acupressure (compression of acupoints) have been used since ancient times for treatment of multiple conditions with great results. In our office we use acupuncture without needles (meredian therapy) with great success for neck, lower and upper back pain.

Dr. Mitlyansky does not use needles, she uses a special electrical device, so do not be afraid - THERE ARE NO NEEDLES !

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