Functional Medicine for Digestive Issues

Functional Diagnostic Medicine

I think that Functional Diagnostic Medicine is the best current approach to the treatment of many chronic conditions. As a former MD I respect and acknowledge the importance of Surgery, Emergency Medicine. But unfortunately, conventional medicine not very successful in the treatment of chronic diseases. There is a scientific data confirming that alternative and integrative medicine is more successful in the treating of chronic conditions. Functional Diagnostic Medicine practitioners are trained and certified to analyse the patient’s past medical history, present status, complains, by taking into consideration all details of patient life. They use alternative laboratories, such as Genova Diagnostic to test the blood, saliva, urine. On the basis of test results they will do some recommendations, using supplements, homeopathy, life style modifications, and stress management to lead patient to the better health. I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Medicine Practitioner and really enjoy working with the patients in this field.

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