Jul 2, 2011

July Newsletter

Hi everybody, this is July newsletter and we will continue discuss anti-aging strategies. Now we will talk about osteoarthritis. OA- osteoarthritis is a systemic degenerative disease which is much more common then you generally think. Predisposition factors for OA are: any kind of mechanical trauma, it may be sport trauma, falls, injury as a result of the car accident, also micro trauma which develops over time due to repetitive movements that are done over the long period of time- like movement of computer’s mouse which leads to development of carpal tunnel syndrome and injury to the wrist tendons.

What happens when we are aging? A lot of different things happen, one of them -specific change to proteins by glucose, as a result of this process these proteins accumulate in the articular cartilage and cause increased stiffness of the collagen which makes collagen brittle and more susceptible for damage. Accumulation of these specific proteins triggers release of pro-inflammatory messengers and chronic inflammation starts. Besides this, body has tendency to increase production of fibrin which increase possibility for blot clot formation, this process is common for all degenerative diseases, for aging in general. The same risk factors that predict for cardiovascular disease, especially those related to coagulation, thrombosis predict for OA, but with lower threshold: obesity, sedentary life style, smoking, lack of regular exercises, diet high in high –glycemic index foods, (foods that fast increase blood sugar level such as candy, cakes, ice-cream, white bread and anything from white flour, sugars ), stress, especially presence of emotional, physical stress for long period of time, absence of right supplementation which can reduce it-all those factors set up stage for chronic inflammation that will be manifested by different degenerative diseases. A recent studies suggested that there is mounting evidence that a micro vascular pathology plays a key role in the initiation and progression of OA. When there is some disruption of blood flow to the cartilage happens, cartilage does not get enough of nutrients and articular damage takes place. How can we prevent OA and which herbs and supplements can be helpful? Stress reduction ( meditation, prayer, relaxation techniques, yoga, tai-chi, gi-gong) will help you to reduce stress level, if you have any questions about stress reduction, please, let me know, I would be happy to help you. Regular exercises, diet with a lot of colorful fruits and mostly vegetables, good sources of protein, which you need to rebuild you body constantly, low glycemic foods and right supplementation will do wonders! It is not easy to change your habits, take small steps, set up realistic goals and reward yourself, you can do it! Supplements that may help: 1. Green tea, Panax Ginseng, Echinacea ( there is constant controversy about Echinacea is whether it is safe to take Echinacea for long period of time, according to MEDIHERB company located in Australia and working with Standard Process- it is safe and beneficial- Echinacea reserves aging effects and increases immunity, prolongs lifespan.) 2. Garlic 5000mg, Vitanox (each tablets contains: Rosemary leaf, Green tea extract, Turmeric, Grape seed extract- all these have anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties). 3. Besides this Standard Process has several products that can help with OA: Ligaplex I, LigaplexII, Tuna Omega-3, Cataplex F, OPC, also Boswellia complex, Celery seed, Ashwaganda, Ginger by Mediherb company. If you have any questions regarding OA and anti-aging strategies I would be happy to help you.

Recipe of the month:

Vinaigrette Asparagus with eggs – this is common main dish in several Mediterranean countries 1 bunch of thin asparagus 3 hard-cooked eggs salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon of red wine vinegar ¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese Steam or boil asparagus and place it in deep oblong dish In a small bowl mash the eggs with the fork and add salt and pepper In another small bowl whisk the oil and red wine vinegar Toss the asparagus with the dressing and Parmesan cheese, arrange the eggs on the top and serve warm.

Have a nice month!


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