Mar 2, 2011

March Newsletter

Hi everybody, this is information that, I hope, will be helpful. I would like to talk about fasting and spring cleansing.

The two key times for natural cleansing are the times of transition into Spring and Autumn. In Traditional Chinese medicine these periods are very important.  For spring, this period runs from March 10 through April 1. In Traditional Chinese Medicine spring associated with element wood, that represents growth and development and corresponds to organs liver and gall bladder. For spring fast it is generally recommended to use lemon, greens as a focus of cleansing, or I think more effective is Spring Master Cleanser:

 2 Tablespoons fresh lemon or lime juice

1 Tablespoon pure maple syrup

1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

8 ounces of spring water

 Mix and drink 8-12 glasses throughout the day. You can drink a lot of herbal tea, water, chamomile and peppermint tea especially. Keep the cleanser in the glass container or make it fresh each time.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices diluted with equal amount of water will also stimulate cleansing. Some good vegetable choices are carrots, celery, beets and greens, better –organic. Soup broths can be helpful too and will give you some nutrients. Juices with spirulina, blue-green alga and chlorella provide more energy because they have proteins and can be easily  assimilated.

Ending or stopping the fast and beginning to eat again takes some monitoring. Things to watch are: level of your energy, tongue coating, hunger, weight.

If your weight is too low, if your tongue was coated with white or gray or yellow coating  and  became clear, if you are very hungry and can not tolerate it anymore- it is time to stop fasting and start process of returning back to eating solid food, you just should remember, that you have to start slowly. Usually, for fast break recommended to use ½  of time that you fasted, for example, if you fasted  4 days, you will use 2 days for return.

With fruit juices transition back to food is much easier. A raw or cooked low starch vegetables as all greens ( spinach,  lettuces, collard greens, cabbages, broccoli) is appropriate. A laxative type meal as soaked prunes, grapes and cherries will stimulate bowels movement and very much helpful.

Just remember that you are making the transition and do not overeat, chew well and do not  mix too many foods in one meal. Well cooked brown rice and millet usually well tolerated by majority of people on second day. You can add some nuts and legumes a day after. After this you can add some protein rich food such as cottage cheese, yogurt, fish. Use this time for self -observation, some food allergies may come out and you will be well aware about them. Some juices work better for some specific conditions, such as lemon juice is effective for the elimination of mucus and especially useful for liver conditions.

 Fruit juices;

 Lemon-liver, gall bladder, allergies, asthma, cardiovascular disease (CVD)

Citrus-CVD, obesity, hemorrhoids, varicose veins

Apple-liver, intestines

Pear- gall bladder

Grape- colon, anemia

Papaya-stomach, colitis, indigestion, hemorrhoids

Pineapple-arthritis, allergies, inflammation, edema, hemorrhoids

Watermelon-kidney, edema

Black cherry-colon, menstrual problems, gout




Greens-CVD, skin, eczema, obesity, digestive problems

Spinach-anemia, eczema

Parsley- kidney, edema, arthritis

Beet greens- liver, gall bladder, osteoporosis

Cabbage- colitis, ulcers

Carrots-eyes, arthritis, osteoporosis

Beets-blood, liver, menstrual problems, osteoporosis

Celery-diabetes, osteoporosis, kidneys

Cucumber-edema, diabetes

Radish-liver, high fats, obesity

Potatoes-ulcers, intestines


Have fun, start spring with self-cleansing in order to feel great and be healthier.

I want to remind patients with seasonal allergies, that it is not late to treat them with NAET, I have some patients treated last year who is doing great this year.

Have a nice bright spring!


Dr. Natalie


The Detox Diet by Elson Haas, MD

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