Mar 17, 2009

Detoxification - Eliminate chemicals

Hi everybody, Today I would like to talk about detoxification. We live in contemporary world which filled with multiple chemicals, that effect our body, making it difficult to the body to eliminate these chemicals. in order to function properly.

We breathe in car exhaustion, cigarette smoke, we eat food contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, we are effected by multiple environmental chemicals, many of them are allergens and this makes our immune system weaker and less effective in protection of our organism from bacteria, viruses, fungi. Since it is impossible to avoid exposure, it is extremely important to flush toxic load out of the body as soon as possible before they cause damage. Any kind of detoxification program will be helpful and effective for some degree.

I want to give you brief outline of some chelating agents which help with detoxification and eliminate chemicals. Generally, chelating agents chemically bond with metals, minerals and chemicals and then they can be removed from the body via urine and feces.

Fulvic acid is a component of humic acid created by microbes working on decaying plant matter, it is excellent chelator of toxic materials and also carries minerals in the cells. Fulvic acid makes cell walls more permeable, so nutrients can enter the cell and waste material can leave the cell more readily. The carrying capacity of fuvic acid is enormous; the single molecule is capable of carrying of 60 or more minerals and trace element in to the cells. Fulvic acid also can be bond to free radicals and make them into usable substances or eliminate them as waste material.

It is one of nature’s most powerful organic electrolytes. Fulvic acid restore and recharge the normal electrical potential of the cells, which is very important component of normalizing electrical-energetic condition of the body. The fulvic acid electrolytes greatly increase absorption of the minerals, vitamins, nutrients, herbs and amino acid through the digestive system and to the circulatory system. Fulvic acid may be the most critical missing factor in the diet today.

As a result of pesticides and herbicides use, most of the microbial life is destroyed. Without the microbes necessary for plants to convert inorganic matter into organic, the plants became deficient in minerals and nutrients, so do the animals and humans –who eat them.

Cilantro (coriander) has been shown in clinical trials to mobilize mercury, tin, lead in the brain and spinal cord and move them rapidly out from the tissues. Cilantro has also antibiotic properties, which was confirmed in multiple clinical trials.

Folic acid, needed for conversion homocysteine to metionine, also reduces arsenic levels in the blood. It was documented in Bangladesh, where it was used for elimination high and even low arsenic levels with great success.

R- Lipoic acid , the biologically active form of lipoic acid, is a effective chelating agent for mercury,  copper, arsenic, cadmium, excessive levels of iron, calcium, zinc in the blood.

L-methionine  and N-acetyle-cysteine helps the body to produce the most powerful antioxidant in the human body-gluthatione and destroy many toxic metals.

The best known chelating agent is EDTA, once available only in intravenous form, now available in oral form and can be used by everyone who wants to reduce heavy metals  load and improve health. Patients reported improved memory, diminished legs and chest pain upon exertion, better hearing and smell- all these indicated increased circulation and improved health. It was also documented that EDTA removed arterial plaque from the arterial walls, this is very important component of cardiovascular disease prevention.  EDAT dos not react to the calcium in the arterial walls directly-it binds the first calciumit can find-blood calcium, that gives command to the parathyroid gland to mobilize calcium from the tissues in order to create stable calcium level in the blood –it is important for heard function and blood clotting, so at this point the most available calcium goes to the circulation-first calcium from the arterial walls, then –calcium from the joints and tissues. As  a result of this , EDTA gives relieve to patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Oral chelation can work slower then intravenous, it will do the same work for the course of treatment as intravenous chelation can do in 1-2 treatments, but it cost effective and do not required physician supervision.

As circulation returns, improvements are seen in cardiac function, but in the other body functions as well. Lack of blood flow to reproductive organs is one of the causes of male impotence, it was documented that when circulation improves, sexual performance improves also.

On this positive note I would like to finish today’s conversation, I wish everybody nice month ahead, and if you would like to discuss detoxification program with me, please , let me know.

Dr. Natalie, detoxificationchemical elimination chiropractic specialist

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