Jul 10, 2017

June-July Newsletter

14 Essential Minerals

Iron is essential for hemoglobin production and oxygen distribution in the body. Lack of iron leads to anemia, chronic fatigue. Too much iron from supplementation may cause constipation, stomach upset, and nausea. Food sources: meat, seafood, liver. Magnesium is essential mineral needed for energy production, relaxation of muscles and calming effect on nervous system. Low levels may be associated with muscle weakness, balance problems, irritability, depression, abnormal heart rhythm. Food sources: green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes. Manganese is needed for normal function of pituitary gland, adrenal gland, and hypo-thalamus- portion of the brain responsible for hormonal regulation. Food sources: nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, pineapple. Selenium is used to make glutathione, the most abounded antioxidant that human body can create. So, selenium may prevent cancer, DNA damage. Food sources: Brazil nuts, meat, oysters, whole grains. Potassium is necessary for heart muscle, for nerve function, for blood pressure control. Food sources: apricots, potatoes, dry plums. Zinc is needed for healthy immune system function, also can bring testosterone to normal level. Low levels may increase risk of frequent colds, flu, skin disorders, and poor healing. Different supplements have different sources of minerals, make sure that you are taking good quality whole food based supplement, do not take just chemicals, body will not assimilate it and in some cases it may be contaminated. Food sources: oysters, beef, veal liver, pumpkin & squash seeds, sesame seeds

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