Sep 2, 2009

Proteolytic Enzymes

Hi everybody, this is our September newsletter, I am sorry that I did not do the previous one. Today I would like to talk about proteolytic enzymes and their role in our health. First of all, what are enzymes? Enzymes are proteins needed for the normal function of all cell, tissues, and systems of our body. We cannot live without enzymes, they are catalysis of all biochemical reactions in the body, our ability to think, to breathe, to move, digest, eliminate, and to assimilate depends on different enzymes.

Your stamina, your energy level, function of your immune system, and your ability to utilize vitamins and minerals depends on your enzyme activity. Majority of enzymes are protease- protein based enzymes capable of breaking down protein in the food. The whole food and supplements made from it contains proteolytic enzymes- this is the greatest advantage of whole food diet or supplementation.

When we eat mostly processed food, we force our body gradually to convert production of enzymes capable of digesting into enzymes digesting only dead- processed food. The health consequences of this process are enormous:

Our body cannot digest proteins properly, and big molecules form as a result of this process. They irritate intestinal walls causing chronic inflammation. As a result of inflammation, distance between cells becomes more then it supposed to be in healthy intestinal mucosa, and these big molecules penetrate intestinal wall causing different allergic reactions, one being Leaky gut syndrome.

But this is not the whole picture; we may be deficient in many amino acids, which are building blocks of proteins that our body consists of. This may effect connective tissue-ligaments, bones, muscles, skin, nails, and tendons and facilitate chronic inflammation in these tissues. Those will be patients with Enteropathic arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Also it will make healing longer, which is very important.

Protein deficiency is associated with Depression, ADD, ADHD, Anemia, and a spectrum of autism. Supplementation with good quality proteolitic enzymes will help you in normalizing digestion, if you take proteolitic enzymes with food, and if you take “special proteolitic enzymes between meals it will help you with:

Reduced inflammation: we have inflammation as a normal, natural response to injury, But we do not need excessive inflammatory response – it will lead to excessive scar tissue formation, which is bad thing to have. Proteolitic enzymes will reduce inflammation by neutralizing biochemicals of inflammation- bradikinins and pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. 
Reducing inflammation will have profound effect on heart health, cardio-vascular disease, arthritis, cancer treatment and prevention, and Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

Cleansing the blood of debris: Proteolitic enzymes are the major tools that body uses to “digest “ organic debris in the circulatory and lymphatic system. Supplementing will greatly improve this process-this is real prevention and in some cases treatment of cardio-vascular disease and complications.

Dissolving fibrin in the blood: Specific proteolitic enzymes are effective in improvement the quality of blood cells, optimizing the ability of blood to flow smoothly through circulatory system and reducing the risk of clots. This is very important as prevention of stroke, myocardial infarction. The most effective enzyme in this perspective is called nattokinase and made from fermented soy in Japan.

Maximized Immune System: The primary mechanism that our immune system uses to destroy any invaders are proteolitic enzymes, macrophages are literally digest bacteria, viruses with proteolitic enzymes, so supplementation will increase functional ability of our immune system.

Proteolitic enzymes taken between meals go into bloodstream and digest bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Elimination of the immune disease: Reducing inflammation in the intestinal wall will reduce possibility of big molecules formation, they called CIC- circulating immune complexes, so irritation of intestinal wall will be reduced, it will prevent formation allergic reactions and autoimmune response from the body’s tissues.

So, you understand the great value of good quality proteolitic enzymes, beside nattokinase we have Zymex//, Zypan –Standard Process supplements which contain bromelain (made from pineapple), papain (made from papaya), pepsin, chemotrypsin, and pancreatin. I wish everybody happy fall, good weather and nice holiday season.

Dr. Natalie

Expert in Proteolytic Enzymes

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