About LBP

About LBP, wellness model and importance of exercises

Approximately 60-80%of general population suffers LBP at some period of their life, most of these patients will recover within 6 weeks, but 5-15% are unresponsive to tx and will have continued disability. Patients that will not recover in 3 months count for 75-90% of total expenses related to LBP - which is $60 billions /year in US.

Among that pts whose symptoms resolve, recurrences are common-22-36%, 45% according different sources. Conventional medical treatment for LBP failed, the most effective treatment is chiropractic and rehabilitation, which address the primarily goals: restoration of function and prevention of disability by correcting the main functions of human musculoskeletal system- strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination.

It is very important to understand negative effects of immobility and reconditioning syndrome. Patients with chronic pain often suffer from physical and psychological reconditioning. Muscle disuse leads to weakness, discoordination, muscle atrophy, loss of flexibility, pain-avoidance behaivior.

Cardiovascular fitness is diminished too-which is very important contributing factor for developing cardiovascular complications, such as MI, stroke.

Immobilization leads to bone demineralization, which is main factor in osteoporosis development, scar tissue formation-capsular adhesions, weakness of ligaments, progressing of DJD-Degenerative Joints Disease, diminished proprioception-all together will predispose patients to the future injury.

I just gave you this info to consider one more time importance of regular exercises, walking, swimming, running, biking, jogging- all these activities will bring more life in to your body- increase blood flow, as a result of this body will get more oxygen and nutrients, more waste materials will be carried away, as a result of this metabolism will be increased. Increase of metabolism is very important factor- with age our metabolism tends to slow down, examples of this are very common; hypothyroidism, low function of thyroid gland, which can be manifested by inability to tolerate cold, dry skin, low sex drive, unexplained weight gain, depression;  activity of many digestive enzymes slow down,  that will effect our ability to digest and assimilate nutrients, example of this may be decreased production of intrinsic factor in the stomach, which is necessary for B12 assimilation, patients will have B12 deficient anemia as a result of this condition, which is very common among elderly population.

 So, increase of metabolism is the main factor- it results in production of more energy,    we need more energy in order to meet all needs of our body and give to our body ability to function properly, it is one of three necessary factors (physical, physiological and psychological aspects of wellness), when they all present, body can manifest it’s inborn ability to heal itself.

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