Avoiding the sun IS AS BAD AS SMOKING!

“The fact is that sunlight converts cholesterol into the critical vitamin D3-an absolutely essential nutrient to fight cancer. And cancer is the very thing that medical science said is caused by sunlight. Five decades of misinformation about sun exposure by medical experts has only made the cancer epidemic during this time worse. These normal vitamin D levels, induced by sun exposure, positively influence heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, hormone levels, arthritis, cancer, and more.” This is from Health Alert, Vol 25, No 4 by Dr. Bruce West DC, who is a Founder Health Alert/Immune systems.

Your body utilizes vitamin D3 from sunshine and D2 from food sources. The vitamin D that you get from your doctor prescription or fortified milk is synthetic vitamin D2, which is inferior to natural D3 and D2. That is why medical study after medical study shows that taking vitamin D supplements provide you very little- these sources have synthetic vitamin D2. So stay better with natural vitamin D3 from sun and natural vitamin D2 from food. Food sources of D2 are organ meat, eggs, (free range), butter, cod liver oil, fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel.

Get your sunshine. Use your sunblock lightly and only to avoid burning.  Eat healthy fats. Avoid modern day non-foods and refined vegetable oils. And use real Cod Liver Oil to get not only vitamin D2, but vitamin A and Omega -3 fatty acids –complex that your body will appreciate.

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