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Family Planning, Pregnancy and Infertility

Hi everybody,

This is my September newsletter which will discuss a completely new topic - Family Planning, Pregnancy and Infertility.

We now offer a new service in our office. It is called Natural Program for Healthy Conception and Infertility. This program consists of two phases: preconception and conception care.

Phase I- Preconception care

This phase last 4 months, it is the time when you have to concentrate on lifestyle changes with both progressive parents participating in this program. You will have to change your diet by avoiding any food additives and coloring, and hydrogenated oils, which are toxic. Low fat and fat free dairy products should be avoided because you are not going to get all the nutrients that you need from them. You need saturated fat for normal hormone production and baby's brain development. You should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, along with a good source of protein like beef, lamp, chicken, and eggs. These are a good source for vitamins A and D and cholesterol which you need for adequate hormone production and normal development of your baby.

Also, very important at this stage is to avoid environmental toxins. These are:

  • Cigarette smoking, even secondary is bad
  • car exhaust
  • microwave use
  • radiation from TV and computers
  • sun radiation - with the exception of some early hours before 11am when you can get vitamin D naturally
  • plastics - through the use of plastic bottles, containers and plastic wraps

Supplementation with good quality whole food supplements is important for everybody, but during this period of preconception and later during pregnancy it is even more important. Your ability to conceive and carry pregnancy to term depends on your overall health. Individual nutritional programs that will be designed in the office will address all your needs, especially with concentrate on your endocrine system. These would be thyroid, ovaries, testes, and pituitary gland, which are major players in your quest for pregnancy.

Regular chiropractic adjustments during this preconception period and later are very important since they normalize flow of energy and take away possible nerve interference. Our doctor uses KST-Koren Specific Technique -which is a gentle, precise method of adjusting. We also have an experienced massage therapist working in the office. Massage will promote physical and emotional relaxation, which is very beneficial at this time.

Getting a good night sleep is very important, so pay attention to your mattress and pillow. Make sure that your last meal was 2-3 hours before you go to sleep. Use natural herbs to help you to sleep. It is safe to use chamomile, passion flower, lemon balm, marjoram, lavender.

Have a positive mental attitude. Do not to be discouraged by presence of regular periods and absence of pregnancy. HAVE FAITH in GOD and be patient!

Use any stress reduction technique that you feel is right for you such as progressive relaxation, yoga, meditation, prayer. In our office we use NET- Neuro-Emotional Technique which can identify and release old negative emotions stored in your body and will help you to move forward.

Phase II-Attempting Conception

This period lasts 6 months, during this period doctor will ask you some specific questions regarding ovulation and your rectal-basal temperature. This is to make sure you are ovulating and when so you can to be sexually active around this time. Prospective mothers and fathers need to have blood, urine, and sperm analysis done. It is very important that you will have appointments with an OBGYN as this program will work nicely in conjunction with your doctor. In some cases allergy to sperm or vaginal discharge may be identified. If that is the case NAET-Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique will be used in the office. (see details on During this period you will continue to be on an individual nutritional program that was designed specifically for you and have regular office visits -2 times per month for adjustments and massage.

If this program looks useful or if you know somebody who may benefit from it -spread the word!

I wish everybody a healthy fall with sun, blue sky and a lot of fun.


Dr. Natalie

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