Fat burning supplements

There are a lot of different supplements with different approach to the fat burning mechanism that can help us to lose weight. Let us look at them, your doctor and you together will decide which ones are suitable for you.

Green tea extract- EGCG is one of the oldest and very effective fat burning supplements, it has a lot of catechins like any tea but amount and quality of catechins in green tea is the highest comparing with oolong tea and black tea. What EGCG does? It blocks enzyme breaking down noradrenalin ( norepinephrine) and by doing this it increases amount of noradrenalin and stimulate Sympathetic nervous system, it leads to increase of fat burning, ( EGCG kills some of fat cells, shrink others ) but not only this , EGCG will decrease blood sugar level, total cholesterol, strengthen immune system, ( it was scientifically documented, that IgE-immunoglobulin responsible for immediate response to allergy was reduced after EGCG consumption), it will decrease inflammation. There is some data indicating that EGCG can kill HPV, this virus is a cause of cervical cancer.

What EGCG does not do –it will not increase heart rate and blood pressure, this is very important.
It is better to take EGCG 90mg three times per day before meals and do not forget to exercise, it will increase effect of fat burning.

GLA- Conjugated linoleic acid was discovered in 1978 and since then was on market as a supplement with great ability to burn fat even without exercising. How CLA does this? It stops fat from being deposited in the fat cells , helps break down fat cells ( this process called lypolysis), helps to burn up fatty acids in the fat cells and muscle cells.
As a result of all these activities, CLA will reduce total and “bad” cholesterol, normalize blood sugar level, burn fat and gain muscle , increase immunity, decrease arterial plaque, which is very important as a prevention of cardio-vascular disease, reduce BMI, and even kill some fat cells replacing normal bone cells- osteoblasts, so it will prevent osteoporosis.
There is some data about GLA ability to increase level of Lipoprotein A ( One of LDL) and level of C-reactive protein- which is chronic inflammation marker, but both change happened within normal limit. There is no” yo-yo” effect with GLA- you will not gain weight that was lost. GLA highly recommended by Dr. Perricone , it is part of his anti-inflammatory diet.
There is website where you can get information about CLA supplementation, generally it is recommended to take 800mg of GLA tree times per day with meals. www.wisc.edu/fri/clarefs.htm

HCA-Hydrocitric acid – another fat burning supplement. HCA blocks the enzyme needed for sugars and starches to turn in to the fat during energy production in Kreb’s cycle.
As a result of this HCA will reduce weight, BMI, total cholesterol, triglycerides, will decrease production of hormone leptin (fat cells manufacturing this hormone, the more leptin the higher will be your appetite), it will increase level of serotonin, which is good for your mood, will normalize sugar level preventing ups and downs- preventing the type II diabetes.
Unfortunately, many HCA products on the market have low availability, HCA combined with calcium and potassium has the best availability because it became easy to dissolve. Probably the best is HCA- Sx ( Super Citrimax) , minimum effective dose is 500mg three times per day with meals.

HCA was used as a part of curries in India for centuries and is a very safe to take. People with allergy to curry should not take HCA supplementation.

Chromium is another fat burning help. Chromium increases sensitivity of insulin receptors to insulin,( each cell has some number of insulin receptors, fat and liver have the highest number of insulin receptors), so more glucose is able to get into the cells, it normalize blood sugar level, prevent elevated levels of insulin in the blood and prevent type II Diabetes. How chromium does this? Chromium has ability to activate enzyme tyrosine kinase- it helps insulin to attach to insulin receptors, also chromium deactivate enzyme tyrosine phosphatase, which blocks the function of insulin receptors. By doing that chromium will reduce weight, increase fat loss, increase muscle gain, prevent type II diabetes and helps patients with type I –IDDM to reduce dosage of medication. Also, chromium can help patients with steroid caused diabetes because long term of steroid therapy depletes chromium.

Average Americans deficient in chromium, average amount of chromium in the diet is 25-30 mcg per day, we need 200mcg chromium per day

Chromium deficiency associated with metabolic syndrome- condition that 25% of Americans already have, metabolic syndrome or syndrome X associated with obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglycerides, insulin resistance, chronic inflammation and premature aging.

Food containing chromium: cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf, turmeric, also tuna fish and organic peanut butter.

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