Functional Hypothyroid and Autoimmune Disease

Functional hypothyroid condition is very common.  If you have weight gain, dry skin, sleepiness during the day, insomnia, intolerance to cold and hot weather, constipation, dry or falling hair, mental sluggishness, headaches upon arising, slow pulse, ringing in the ears, pear shaped body-  you most likely have problem with thyroid gland.  More than 15 % of American women suffer from some sort of thyroid problem.

The first tip that you suffer from thyroid problem –low temperature below 97degree if taken under the arm. It is important to address undergoing thyroid problem because it can lead to more serious conditions- autoimmune disease.

When your thyroid starts to break down, it releases thyroid antigens that your body attacks.

After long period of time, immune system attacks not only antigens, it attacks thyroid tissue and destroy it. This process called autoimmune condition and may be manifested not only in thyroid, but in brain, joints, and intestine, skin.

So treating functional hypothyroid is critical. Removing thyroid poisons from your life and then feeding your thyroid gland the nutrients it needs to heal can help you to resolve hypothyroid problem.

First remove thyroid poisons from your life. The main thyroid poisons are chlorine, fluoride and bromides. Most of these are in water and dental treatments. Get the shower dechlorinator, bath dechlorinator and water purifier for your drinking water. The only real way to get chlorine and fluoride out of your drinking water is by using a reverse osmosis water purification unit.

You must give your thyroid nutrients to function properly. I use Standard Process and MediHerb supplements and see great results with them. It is a combination of thyroid, pituitary and ovary extracts with iodine and Vitamin F ( unsaturated omega-3 fatty  acid). The two glandular products I use are Thytropin PMG and Symplex F for women and Symplex M for men. The vitamin F product is Cataplex F. It contains unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, liver extract and tiny amount of iodine. If you are allergic to iodine, you can use Cod liver oil by Standard Process.

Beside this I use Thyroid Complex from MediHerb which has Ashwaganda and Bacopa complex to help with memory and cognitive function, it is important to address, since these problems are very common among patients with functional hypothyroid. I recommend Kelp as an addition to the main thyroid protocol as a source of iodine from seaweed.

The thyroid tissue extract will help your body to put a halt on any autoimmune thyroid gland attack.

And together with the other extracts, iodine, and omega-3 fatty acid, makes up a prime thyroid nutritional protocol. It will take from 8 -18 months of removing thyroid poisons and instituting a nutritional protocol for you to overcome functional hypothyroid.

Within the time you will see improvements in memory, energy level, hair and skin condition, temperature normalization-toward 98.6.If this happen to you, do not stop nutritional protocol, continue for another 8-18 months.

It is better to do this protocol with your doctor, most likely it will be your chiropractor or osteopath.

I will be happy to help you on your journey to better thyroid, I personally did it for myself.

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