Metabolic Detoxification

Every day the human body is exposed to environmental and endogenous toxins. Common toxins include  heavy metals ( mercury, cadmium, lead.) , pesticides, herbicides, gas exhausts,  dioxins, non-stick compounds,  and endotoxins -from bacterial  invasion.

When  not eliminated by the body' s natural detoxification system,  toxins can accumulate in  different organs and tissues rich in fat, such as  adipose, liver, and brain tissues where they disrupt normal cellular processes and have potential to cause diseases.

Supporting the detoxification through diet is an essential component of healthy lifestyle. Body depends on specific foods and nutrients in order to have efficient detoxification.

The results of numerous studies suggest multiple benefits to a whole food and plant- based diet in support of detoxification.

Since most toxins are lipophilic, they can cross cell membrane which made from  two layers of lipids and get into the cell, distrupting cellular functions. Among other adverse actions, toxins can bind to proteins, inhibit enzyme function, and  interact with DNA. Since  toxins accumulate in fat rich tissues such  as liver, brain and adipose tissue,  the damage is very serious.

Evidence suggests that inadequate clearance of toxins, can play a role in the development of obesity, cardio-vascular disease, immune dysfunction, neurocognitive conditions, chemical intolerance and reproductive problems  (infertility). So, the goal of healthy lifestyle is to minimize the toxic exposure and enhance detoxification process.

I am not going to details in explaining metabolic detoxification, I just want you to know that there are three phases of detoxification, the most important two, transfering  fat soluble toxins  to water soluble take place in the liver, the 3d phase – elimination through urine and feces takes place in kidney and colon.

Scientific evidence indicate that specific foods  can effect toxin metabolism and deoxification process. These foods and nutrients can  stimulate metabolic enzymes involved in detoxification process.

These foods are:berries, cruciferous vegetables ( cabbage, kale, brocolli, brussel sprout) , garlic, onion,  turmeric, hawthorn, radishes, citrus fruits, cicory, pomegranate, sweet potato, ginger, apples, Spanish black radish, rosemary, coffee, beets, beans, spinach, asparagus, whole grains, nuts).  During the 1st phase of detoxification produced a lot of free radicals, so antioxidants  such as vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, copper, selenium, vitamin E, manganese,  coenzyme Q10 are very helpful.

The body acid balance is very important, the more alkaline is the body, the more efficient detoxification will go. Generally speaking, fruits and vegetables are alkaline, meats, cheeses are acidic.

Diet high in fiber will improve bowel movement and facilitate toxin elimination, so fruits and vegetables should be present in your diet, especially soluble fiber found in apple and citrus pectin easily binds with heavy metals and eliminate them .Combination of soluble and unsoluble fibers from wheat  effect positively microbiota – microbiotome in the colon.

The easiest way to support detoxification is juicing- making juices from organic fruits and vegetables. Juices are easily absorbed,  have minerals , vitamins, enzymes in fresh , live form. Since juices are not heated, all enzymes and vitamins are not damaged.

Dr. Bernard Jensen in his book “ Foods That Heal” recomends making juices from fresh organic fruits and vegetables, drink them between meals and with meals, for the best results drink one pint  a day.

He has juices and Health cocktails for multiple conditions indicating that carrot, celery and parsley juice is good for any conditions.

Anemia: Blackberry and parsley juice, parsley and grape.

Arthritis: Celery and parsley juice.

Asthma: Celery and papaya juice,celery, endive and carrot juice.

Blood pressure high: Carrot, parsley and celery juice, lime juice and whey powder, grape juice and carrot juice.

Poor circulation: Beet anfd blackberry juice, parsley and alfalfa juice with pineapple juice, grape juice with one egg yolk.

Colds and sinus: Celery and grapefruit juice, watercress and apple juice with ¼ tsp cream of tartar.

Colitis, gastritis, gas: Coconut milk and carrot juice.

Constipation: Celery ith a little sweet cream,  spinach and grapefruit juice.

Diarrhea: Carrot and blackberry juice.

Eczema:  Carrot, celery and lemon juice.

Gout: Celery and parsley juice.

Gall bladder: Radish, pruine, black cherry and celery juice, carrot, beet and cucumber juice, pruine, black cherry, celery and radish juice.

General house cleaning: Celery, carrot, parsley and spinach juice.

Heart: Carrot and pineapple juice with honey, parsley, alfalfa and pineapple juice.

Underweight: Coconut milk, fig juice, parsley and carrot juice.

Infections: carrot and blackberry juice.

Insomnia: Lettuce and celery juice.

Kidneys: Celery, parsley and asparagus juice, carrot and parsley juice.

Liver: Radish and pineapple juice, carrot, beet and cucumber juice.

Overweight: Beet greens, parsley and celery juice.

Good luck with juicing!!!

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