NAET Testimonials

I found out about NAET in a magazine article, and had chronic problems: Lyme disease, interstitial cystitis, allergies. I used to have allergy to cigarette smoke that was so severe that I had to go to the hospital if exposed, and had to wear a mask everywhere. Immediately after the treatment for cigarette smoke my allergy decreased to the point I do not have to wear a mask, can tolerate slight exposure to smoke and was not in the hospital since.
-Jennifer G.

My health problems are: depression, anxiety, migraines, aching joints, extreme fatigue, crippling menstrual cramps, moodiness. All this interfered with everyday life, I was highly irritable and quite antisocial. I noticed improvement after my treatment for eggs. After this other things started to improve in couple weeks. After treatments 10 or 11 the light headedness went away, which was one of the things that was still lingering. Since I was a child my joints cracked and I had very low energy levels. I always figured that was my lot in life. It was amazing to me to find this answer in NAET and that my life will now be so much more than I ever thought it would be.
-Rebecca H.

I found out about NAET on website, which was recommended by my friend from Colorado. My son had food allergy and my other son has autism, it was very difficult in school with the food allergies, and obviously autism has many issues that make things difficult. Within 6 months my son with food allergies was able to tolerate certain foods without getting a rash, his complexion was healthier, skin was cleared up (eczema used to be a real problem, but not so much anymore). My son with autism has made gradual, but continued progress in all areas. I would recommend NAET, definitely, but it is a commitment, so be ready for that too.
-Kathy M.

I am have multiple chemical sensitivities with an electromagnetic component. I basically became allergic to everything after swallowing a mercury filling in a odd way. It was so bad, I lived in the wilderness in the shade, because the sun will cause sun blisters within 15 min of exposure. I started NAET treatments at Havis clinic before Dr. Mitlyansky. Naet saved my life! Many people with my problem die from not being able to thrive, stuck in the wilderness away from all chemicals and electricity. After treatments for several hundred items, I am able to be in the world again. Dr. Mitlyansky performs the NAET with an intuition that is quite amazing. Often she takes one look at me and knows that a specific thing needs treating. She continues to keep me healthy from a chiropractic standpoint and I have most recently been working with her in her naturopathic capacity with my health steadily improving every week. She not only has a wonderful knowledge of the medical and naturopathic word, but also has the heart and compassion needed for a true healer.
-Linda B.

NAET has literally changed my life. I was born with severe milk protein allergy. I couldn't eat anything that contained or might have come in contact with milk derivatives...I even had to only take liquid medicines because pills are made of lactose. NAET wasn't a one time fix, but after 4 months of treatment I was allergy free according to Dr. Mitlyansky. After a week of gathering courage I finally tried a Milano cookie for the first time. And as I'm writing this I'm drinking coffee with milk and eating milk chocolate. For the first time in my life, I am not deficient in calcium. My next step is taking my 3 month old daughter to Dr. Mitlyansky because she inherited the same milk protein allergy.
-Marsha N.

I started getting NAET treatments after a friend recommended it to me. I had a lactose intolerance, seasonal allergies, low blood platelets, and cervical dystonia. I was on a special diet, experienced uncomfortable allergy symptoms, and experienced neck spasms. I have not noticed any improvement in my neck spasms. I noticed an improvement in my digestion after the first basic 15, lactose, ice cream, and cheese treatments. After a winter of treatments and some additional treatments the next year my allergy symptoms went away for one year, then I experienced minor symptoms. I am now being retested with results.
-Wayne H.

My family started NAET just over 2 years ago. I have severe food allergies and seasonal allergies. My two sons have Eosinophilic Esophagitis, multiple severe food allergies, and alaphylaxis to milk and egg. Our 10 year only son has not eaten any food since he was 4 years old without a flare up of Eosinophilic Esophagitis. I have felt much better for about 18 months...I have had no sinus infections and no antibiotics for over 2 years! We are only just starting to see improvement in the boys. Their last biopsies showed EE counts being lower than ever before, and our 10 year old can eat his first solid food in 6 years. We found that results came a little later than first expected, but I don't know where we would be now without the NAET treatments. So hang in there!

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