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Natural Formula containing herbs and minerals help


If you put some pounds on during holiday season or just over time and can not take them off- do not blame yourself, consider this: Biology is working against you.

But with the right combination of minerals and herbs, you can beat this creeping weight gain and even more- may be to prevent diabetes at the same time.

Do you know that sugar impacts hormones and neurotransmitters, setting your brain to crave even more?
When you eat simple carbohydrates, your blood sugar level goes up very rapidly. Your pancreas responds by producing and sending out a lot of insulin, it takes sugar from blood stream and under normal condition (when insulin receptors respond to insulin and you do not eat a lot of simple sugars) put it into the cells –to use for energy production and all cell needs. Sometimes, your blood sugar level goes down too much – this condition called hypoglycemia and vicious cycle starts- you craves more sugar to correct the situation. When this situation happens frequently, insulin receptors do not respond to insulin-there is insulin resistance and this sugar goes to the storage –fat tissues mostly. So, you gain weight.

At the same time, insulin activates serotonin (the happiness neurotransmitter) and endorphins (pain control and relaxation hormones). So, you feel good when sugar is high and will start to feel bad when sugar not so high- so you crave sugars.

It is almost impossible to stop this vicious cycle. That is why you need help that comes from this formula containing sugar fighting minerals and herbs. This formula helps you to fight this vicious cycle and shed some pounds that you really do not need.

This formula works in several ways:

1. Stabilize your blood sugar- even bringing it to the healthy levels if it running too high
2. Helps fight insulin resistance, helping your body to recognize it more easily and use more efficiently
3. Change your body metabolism, so your body does not need to create so much fat cell
4. Takes away cravings and helps you to get in less calories
5. Get rid of sugar induced emotional roller-coaster ride

Chromium 454- is special because it works on different level- due to the patented new technology it is encased with high –betalain beet and much more easily absorbed by the body. Chromium levels significantly decrease when we are getting older, this depletion increases your risk of gaining weight, Type II diabetes, coronary artery disease. Chromium reduces food cravings and increases sensitivity of insulin receptors, so more sugar can get in the cells.

According to the studies, 200 mcg of Chromium 454 will help to reduce weight and body fat, while improving body composition. Why? Because Chromium 454 will keep your blood sugar in check and reverse insulin resistance.

Vanadium does not get a lot of press, but it probably should.

Besides with potent antioxidant properties, this mineral helps to normalize blood sugar level and fight insulin resistance. How? It increases sensitivity of the insulin and glucose receptors, so your body does not need to make so much insulin. Less insulin- less fat cells- more weight loss!

Gymnema sylvestre helps you to lose weight by reducing carb cravings in the very unique way. The plant contains molecules that fill up the sugar receptors on your taste buds, so they do not get activated when you eat sugar. Beside this, Gymnema performs a similar trick in you digestive tract, resulting in the less glucose absorbed by your body.

Banaba leaf-comes here from another angle. This herb contains corsolic acid which helps your body to use glucose more efficiently, and when it happens, your blood sugar level will drop. It also makes sure that glucose does not get stored in the fat cells.

American ginseng helps control blood sugar and fight stress and fatigue. Some studies showed that American ginseng can lower blood sugar even in patients with Type II diabetes. And controlling blood sugar is a critical factor in permanent weight loss.

With this multipronged approach to weight loss, this formula called CraveStop can help you to take off those stubborn extra pounds and make sure that they stay gone.

If you are interested in normalizing your blood sugar level and loosing weight- give me a call, we can discuss what can and should be done for you.

Have a Happy Memorial Day!


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