Healthy Conception and Infertility

natural conception and firtilit
In our office we offer a comprehensive program for healthy conception and a natural program for infertility which consist of two phases -preconception and conception care.

Phase I - Preconception Care

This phase would last 4 months and concentrates on lifestyle changes. These include:

Change in Diet -

Eat more organic foods, which are important to increase the amount of nutrients. Get a daily amount of vegetables, fruits, whole fat dairy products and a good source of protein. An adequate amount of water is needed for good detoxification. Avoid food coloring, food additives, and, ideally, avoid white flour and sugar as they are a cause of low-grade chronic inflammation. Otherwise weight loss and a detoxification program may be needed.

Avoidance of Environmental Toxins - which include but are not limited to:

Cigarette smoking- even secondary, car exhaust, microwave use, alcohol, radiation, including TV and computer, plastics through the use of plastic containers, water and oil bottles and plastic wraps. Avoid prolonged exposure to sun radiation with the exception of some time in the morning before 11: 00 am to get Vitamin D naturally, which is very important for prospective mothers.

General Lifestyle Changes-

Receiving adequate amounts of sleep is very important. Look at your mattress and pillow, (ideally- cervical), to see that they are comfortable and in good condition. Make sure that the last meal was 2-3 hours before bedtime to avoid indigestion. Use only natural sleep aids (if needed), which would be recommended by a doctor. Have a positive mental attitude - don't be discouraged by the presence of regular periods or absence of a pregnancy. Have Faith in God and be patient. Your doctor may insist on the importance of stress reduction techniques. These may be progressive relaxation, yoga, tai-chi or meditation- depending on your preference. In our office we use NET - Neuro- Emotional Technique, which can identify and release negative emotions stored in the body and enable you to move forward. The Doctor will also recommend specific exercises to prepare your body for the pregnancy.

Supplementation with Whole Food Supplements -

Your doctor will do a Nutritional Exam and NRT- Nutrition Response Testing to determine which supplements you need and the daily doses of these supplements. It is especially important to address the needs of endocrine organs (ovaries, testes, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal glands) since they are major players in your quest for pregnancy.

Regular Chiropractic Adjustments - KST- Koren Specific Technique is a very gentle, precise method of adjusting which specifically addresses cranial bones and blood flow to different parts of the brain, including the pituitary gland. This master endocrine gland affects the function of the thyroid, adrenal glands, testes and ovaries. Massage, which we can offer in our office, would also be beneficial.

Phase II - Attempting Conception

This period lasts for six months and during this period your doctor will ask you to have daily basal temperature graphs. This is important because you need to know whether you have ovulated and when in order to be sexually active around this date. Prospective mothers and fathers need to have blood, urine, and sperm analysis done. Your doctor will ask you to have an appointment with an OB-GYN for the purpose of a pelvic exam and swabs and to see if possibly other tests may be needed. In some cases allergy to sperm or vaginal mucus may be identified. In this case NAET-Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique will be used in the office (see NAET information on our website).

During this period you will continue to be on an individual nutritional program that was designed specifically for you and have regular chiropractic visits -2 times a month for adjustments and massage.

In case of an identified pathology this program can be successfully used in conjunction with conventional treatment.

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