Seasonal Stress

Depending on the region of the country and variable weather factors, patients may start to experience seasonal stresses in February. People who have seasonal stresses do not feel well and it effects everyday life. People can have difficulty in concentration at work, low energy level, they struggle to exercise as often as they normally would.

What causes seasonal stress? Exposure to mold, grass, pollen are most common triggers for people who experience seasonal stress. Many factors may effect the amount of airborne substances. In the areas with mild winter temperatures pollen production will be early. If your region has a wet spring this year, the extra moisture can encourage faster plant growth and result in increased airborne mold spores. Many factors can impact the amount of pollen and spore counts, including heat, humidity, wind, and rainfall.  It is not possible to predict the severity of seasonal stressors from one season to another.

Seasonal stress starts in the immune system. When the immune system identifies a substance as an invader, it reacts by producing immunoglobulin (IgE) antibodies.  These antibodies cause the cells to release histamine and some other chemicals, causing an allergic reaction. Reactions vary from person to person and may be mild to severe. Person may have running nose, coughing, headache or more serious manifestation as swelling of the face, and difficulty in breathing.

People really do not understand that taking medication is not enough, it just eliminates symptoms which feels good, but does not address and eliminate the cause of this condition. Absence of symptoms is not equal to health, there is better solution.

The better way is to support the immune system and body‘s natural defense system with nutritional and herbal supplements.

Two products recommended for the seasonal allergies are Allerplex, from Standard Process and Albizia Complex from MediHerb.

Allerplex formulated with vitamins A and C, supports the body’s ability to handle seasonal, environmental and dietary challenges.  This supplement supports the body’s natural ability to manage mucus movement and support healthy functioning of the liver, lungs, and respiratory system.

Allerplex provides complex nutritional support from a variety of specialized ingredients, such as Tillandsia usneoides, fenugreek seed, and bovine extracts.

Albizia Complex contains Chinese skullcap root, albizia stem bark, and feverfew leaf and stem. This combination of herbs contains many valuable compounds.

These herbs can help support a normal immune system response, including normal response to occasional seasonal stress. Albizia complex can also help maintain a normal respiratory tract and healthy skin and assist in maintaining healthy breathing passages to support free and clear breathing. It is better when these supplements used in combination, it has more profound effect- it improves quality of life.

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