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Why we have to lose weight?

Why we have to lose weight? Because fat tissue is the place where our body keeps unwanted and dangerous toxins, we are getting these toxins from food, water, environment, from our negative thoghts and emotions. We do not need these toxins because they create chronic inflammation in the body. This is a cause of chronic diseases such as cancer, cardio-vascular disease, arthritis, diabetes. This toxic overload creats situation where insulin does not work properly and blood sugar level will be elevated, which will increase chronic inflammation in the body. The only way to stop this vicious circle is different way of living and eating.

There is an epidemic of Obesity in the US, but more precisely to say it is “Diabesity” epidemic and we have to reverse it. Being overweight and obese is associated with increased risk of chronic degenerative diseases, such as cancer, hypertension, cardio-vascular disease, arthritis, diabetes. What all these chronic diseases have in common? They all caused not by high cholesterol, but by chronic inflammation and abnormal insulin metabolism.

Usually obese and overweight people have too much insulin in the blood produced by their pancreas, it happens because they love to eat carbs, sweets and they put high demand on the pancreas to produce insulin. But the problem is that insulin does not do its job properly because insulin receptors, located on the cells membrane do not react to insulin as they should.  Under normal condition insulin can bring glucose into the cell by opening the door for glucose, insulin and insulin receptors work as key and lock. In obese and overweight people it does not happen, so blood sugar level can be elevated, but cells do not have glucose and starve. This condition called insulin resistance.

High level of insulin can be a result of being under the stress, especially for long period of time. Emotional overeating is very common and will create the same situation.

The more stress, the more stress hormone cortizol is produced, the more insulin is produced, the more glucose will be present in the blood, converted to the fat and stored in the fat tissue.

Stress may be physical, emotional, physiological -toxins from bacteria, viruses, parasites, environmental-all toxins from our environment such as pesticides, herbicides, food coloring and food additives, allergens, car exhausts, chemicals for cleaning and many others.

Load of toxins will bombard cell membrane and produce cascade of pro-inflammatory chemicals that will go to the blood and set up chronic inflammation in the different organs. Fat tissue has an ability to keep those toxins in.
That is why it is so important to get rid of those toxins. In order to help your body to be healthier, you will have to:
1. Eliminate toxins from your environment as much as you can by avoiding toxic chemicals in the food and water. You can do it by using water filters, looking on the food labels and buying organic produce which does not contain these chemicals.

2. Lose weight and eliminate those toxins from your body. By doing this you will not only feel better physically and emotionally, but you will  PREVENT serious conditions such as cancer, cardio-vascular disease, diabetes.

3. Practice stress reduction technique, it really does not matter which one, it is your personal choice. It may be yoga, tai-chi, meditation, prayer, or qi-gong.

I would like to introduce you to the Transformations program.  This program is using “Ultra-Lite”  which is a Health and Weight Management system.

Ultra-Lite was developed by Dr. Tony LaVannais a naturopath in Australia 16 years ago and was successfully used on over 1 million people in New Zealand and Australia. It became available in the USA 10 years ago.

Ultra-Lite is a balanced protein and carbohydrates plan, which teaches the patient how to convert body fat into the energy. Patients learn portion sizes, food combining, when to eat, what to eat and how to eat with the Ultra-Lite program.

Patients will have to cook 3 meals per day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the list of food available for this program, which are mostly low-glycemic index foods. They will have 4 snacks-packets made in New-Zealand.

The packets contain an amino-acids, vitamins and minerals. These packets are not meal replacements, they just contain some nutrients and should be taken 4 times per day.

This program should be done under the supervision of trained health care provider.

Your doctor will monitor your progress and make some corrections if necessary. Ultra-Lite is the first part of this program, it will help to get patients to their ideal weight while losing body fat and protecting the body muscles.
When patients have accomplished this, doctor will introduce them to the maintenance program -Weight Loss for Life.

During the Weight loss for Life Maintenance program doctor will help the patient to use their new life skills and integrates them into master life eating habits. Patients will be shown how to eat larger portion sizes and heavier meals, how to build healthy relationship with food without experiencing weight gain.

This program will help you to lose weight safely, quickly and effectively, to prevent many serious conditions, and make HEALTHIER YOU!

Natalie Mitlyansky DC. ND.

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